Awesome and Wise Yogis: A Concept Reserved for the Past–or Can the Present be Just as Rad?

Posted 05.16.2015  | 

At first glance, you might answer the question the title of this article poses with an, “Of course the present can be just as rad as the past!” But then if I’d ask you what do you think about the level of wisdom in people today as in comparison to those of the past, you…learn more

Walking a Million Steps for KYP

Posted 04.04.2015  | 

In May, Brynne Sheehan, founder of Karma Yoga Project, will be walking over the French Pryenees and across the country of Spain, to raise awareness of the needs of underserved children and funds to continue KYP’s journey to provide therapeutic yoga and psychological support both locally and globally. Please click on the link and help…learn more

What’s in a Name?

Posted 02.07.2015  | 

I’ve changed my name! I’ve wanted to do it for years, but preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago in May of this year was my final inspiration. And I’m excited to continue my journey with a name that I have chosen for myself. I’ve never felt connected with my name and as I started…learn more

Social Connectedness and Happiness

Posted 02.07.2015  | 

As a purveyor of happiness, I have scoured the earth for the ultimate success: to be happy. I have gone to spas, I have slept in, I have had intense romantic relationships, I have eaten my favorite foods, I have decorated my house, I have cleaned my car, I have exercised to the max, and I have pursued (and am doing)…learn more

Ahimsa for the Holidays

Posted 12.23.2014  | 

Ahimsa, in Sanskrit, literally translates to non-violence. It is one of the five yamas–part of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga. One day, exploring the interesting world of Google, (rather than settling for the newsfeed on Facebook) I decided to google Mahatma Gandhi quotes. I was surprised to find out how entrenched Gandhi was in the…learn more

Do Children Benefit From Yoga?

Posted 11.03.2014  | 

As a former children’s yoga teacher (ages 6-14), I know how much they can love yoga. It’s almost as if they have built-in intrinsic intuition that allows them to connect to the magic of it all–and you can see the yearning and beautiful curiosity in their eyes. One summer, I was leading a children’s summer…learn more

Karma Yoga Project: What exactly is it?

Posted 07.15.2014  | 

Karma Yoga Project sounds like a good thing; it has the words “karma” and “yoga” in it, so what’s not to like? Right? Well… as you probably could have guessed, Karma Yoga Project is a non-profit organization. It was started and is run by the sweet and very kind, Donna Helm-Yost; who if you’ve ever…learn more

Shop at Amazon and Benefit KYP!

Posted 02.24.2014  | 

Karma Yoga Project

Kindness Attracts Kindness

Posted 06.08.2013  | 

Thursday, 6/6/13 Drops of Jupiter: Day One Today, I’ve been to Dulles Airport in DC and am now on my way to Geneva as I make my way to Barcelona. When I boarded my flight to Geneva I spoke to the flight attendant. I asked her about her career and told her that I had…learn more

Beyond Words – Donna’s Yoga Journal Australia Article

Posted 06.07.2012  | 

Beyond Words – A School Psychologist Finds That Yoga Aids Children Both Home and Abroad In 2010, Donna was asked to write an article about her experience of teaching yoga to orphans in Ethiopia. In was published last year and is now available to read on-line! If you are interested in helping us provide yoga…learn more

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