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DVD Flow and Yin: A Balanced Yoga Practice $20.00

Product Description

True freedom is experienced when we create a sense of balance in our bodies and stillness in our minds. Join Donna, founder of Karma Yoga Project, for a dynamic flow and grounding yin practice and discover the path to strength, stillness, and balance.

One of the perks of practicing in a yoga studio is the energy that envelops the room when we are surrounded by intention and drawn deeper into the present moment. Flow and Yin: A Balanced Yoga Practice provides a studio-like environment as it includes students with different body types and practice levels sharing their energy with you as you practice with them.

Flow and Yin includes an energizing flow sequence to strengthen the muscular tissues and a grounding yin sequence to stimulate energy flow through the connective tissues. Flow includes sun salutation variations and yin provides deep stretching into the shoulders, hips, inner groin and spine. Flow and Yin can be practiced together or separately. Combining these two styles of yoga can lead to a more peaceful mind, healthy body, and balanced life. One hundred percent of profits from the sale of this DVD support our efforts to make the world a better place for all beings.


“I think Donna has created a wonderful introduction to Yin Yoga and its integration with Vinyasa. She is an excellent teacher, knows her material, and communicates it very well. Most importantly, she paces the yoga class in an unrushed and thoughtful manner, not burdening the student with too much information and allowing practitioners to experience the poses firsthand.
” —Paul Grilley

“This is my favorite Yoga DVD and yes I have some other good DVDs. What I like most about this DVD is that it IS a nice balanced yoga workout coming from a non-commercialized, brand name, yoga teacher. If you can only get one yoga DVD, then I highly recommend this for its realness, comfort and acceptance by a good, old soul teacher. Namaste” G.K.