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Rudraksha Seed Malas: Price varies per size, see below


Our beautiful malas are designed by our friends at Bali Malas. They are made from rudraksha seeds which are a symbol of compassion for humanity and a reminder of the present moment. When worn against the skin—and especially over the heart chakra—they act upon the heart by opening it and offering it protection.

A rudraksha is believed to impart different types of benefits according to the number of segments (similar to that of an orange) or mukhi. Each seed possesses from 1-21 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhi and are a natural formation of the seed. Bali Mala uses only rudrakshas of five mukhi due to its ability to reduce the harmful effects of the planet Jupiter. It is traditionally believed that rudrakshas can destroy negative thought and grant the wearer peace of mind, clarity, and purpose. Bali Malas uses smaller rudraksha seeds which are considered more rare, potent, and auspicious.


Essential Malas: Our malas are similar to the ones worn by Buddha, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Each bead has been hand picked, blessed, and chosen for its “energy” level. Malas are considered sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. Wash them occasionally to remove dirt and dust. Oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil to preserve them. They will naturally turn darker with your own body oil and this is the desired effect as they will grow stronger. Keep in a place of sanctity. Remove when you sleep. Our beads are authentic, sustainably harvested, fairly traded and ethically produced. Wear peace. 108 beads +1 (guru bead or Meru meaning at the “end”).

5.5 Mala $46.00 | 6.0 Mala $41.00 | 7.5 Mala $29 | 8.0 Mala $26.00