Yoga For Change

The physical practice of yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing), and mindfullness have been shown scientifically to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. When we step on our mats, we have the opportunity to be present body, mind and spirit. Through our breath and our bodies, we can connect more completely with the present moment and can begin the process of seeing the beauty in our imperfection.

Yoga is a gift that should be available to all. KYP is incorporating yoga as a vehicle to reduce stress and depression with older orphans in Ethiopia. Although we speak different languages, the language of yoga is universal and as we breathe and move our bodies, they become less attached to suffering…allowing emotions to flow though us. We are also in the process of recruiting yoga teachers to provide the gift of yoga to those impacted by violence, homelessness, and grief. Stay tuned!